A Simple Experience

The information architecture focuses on how the content on the mobile app or website is structured and organized. The content needs to be easily accessible and simple enough that users will be able to use the product with ease. The best user experience design goes unnoticed by the average user simply because the product is so easily accessible that you don’t even need to think about how to use it. UX Planet describes user experience like this, “If your website or app is difficult to use, users will probably be frustrated and move on to something else. If they have a great experience, they’re more likely to come back and tell their friends how great your app is.” The key here is providing an almost “fool-proof” site where anyone will be able to immediately use with little difficulty. User interface design is more focused on the overall feel of the design, which tends to be more surface level. A huge part of UI is making the platform efficient and simple to make using the app pleasurable for the user.

IMG_1756 (1) The mobile app of Handshake looks clean and simple to use. All of the explore buttons are listed at the bottom and provide a visual context to access all of the different features. The app collects information from your university to give the user recommended jobs to allow for personalized opportunities that may cater better to the individual. The app also draws information from your location to recommend jobs in your area as well as opportunities listed directly on your own campus. This provides the user with an ease that no other app offers, as you are able to see the opportunities located on your campus that are a walk-able distance.

“A good user interface can greatly improve productivity and bring the enjoyment to users.” -Mockplus

This fits the student audience of Handshakes needs will as many are familiar with mobile apps like Facebook. The interface of Handshake is very similar and provides a productive and efficient way to job search on campus.

The website provides a similar type of ease for both students and employers. There are different tabs to click depending on whether you are looking for job opportunities or if you are posting available jobs. The audience is able to easily access all of the different options for both prospects as the website is clean and simple to use. The formatting and design are clear-cut and easy on the eyes. They don’t pack the website with words, but rather, they use bright colors and illustrations to draw the eye to important steps, like making an account. A couple of statistics are listed to entice both students and employers to use the site, stating that over 500 colleges are currently using Handshake.

User Interface Sitemap
User Interface Sitemap Continued














The mobile app and website provide a great user experience and specifically cater to a Generation Z and Millennial perspective. The design is similar to popular social media apps like Facebook and LinkedIn, where the toolbar for all of the features is listed at the bottom on the mobile app or on the top for the website. Each button is clear with simple graphics that get rid of a the need for directions. The average student or user is able to mindlessly browse without much effort.

Click here to learn more about why Handshake is revolutionizing the college networking platform and how the proof in Gartner’s Hype Cycle.


One thought on “A Simple Experience”

  1. Hello Rachel,
    Your post was really good. I also wrote similar things about Yelp. I strongly agree that with anything simple is the best way to go. People and especially consumers don’t want to go scavenger hunting for basic functions. Consumers should be able to find what they are looking for without trying to hard. It looks like that’s what Handshake has done and continues to try to do. It looks like it has been good for business. I hate when I go on a website and it is impossible to use and I can’t easily find what I am looking for. Handshake has my approval.
    If you would like to respond to me or contact me you can at yelpstudentblog.wordpress.com. Thank you.


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